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Anaconda III FAQs
Questions we get asked a lot

How many people does Anaconda III take per trip?
Anaconda III carries up to 32 passengers per trip plus 6 crew. You will not feel crowded on Anaconda III it is one of the largest sailing vessels available so you will be able to find your own space onboard. The size of a vessel is relative to the amount of passengers it can take. You can be on a boat that only takes 12 people and you will be crowded because the boat is so small. Anaconda III is huge.

What is the average age of Anaconda III passengers?
Usually between 18 and 45 however from time to time there are older passengers and small groups

Where do I check in for the trip?
When we confirm your booking we will email you all details on how to board Anaconda III, currently our passengers meet a crew member at the Barcelona Cafe at Abell Point Marina at 6.15pm.

What should I bring with me?
Your bed linen is supplied as are your meals. Vegetarians are catered for but we advise our clients it is good if you bring your favourite snacks and maybe some staples to add to your meals if you are a strict vegetarian. You should bring towels, swimmers, sunscreen, camera, ipod a couple of sets of clothing and this should all be a small soft bag. Bags with zippers are not permitted on sailing vessels because they can transport bed bugs from accommodation venues.

Where can I store my excess luggage?
Most people store their excess luggage at the accommodation they are staying at in Airlie Beach. There are also secure lockers available in Airlie Beach.

Where can I park my car?
There is a safe and secure car park at Able Point Marina which charges around $8.50 per 24 hours of parking. Alternatively you should ask at your accommodation venue about leaving your car at the accommodation you are returning to.

Will we go to the actual Great Barrier Reef?
Providing the weather conditons are safe Anaconda III will visit Bait Reef on the actual Great Barrier Reef on every trip. If weather conditons do not permit the boat to safely go out to the Great Barrier Reef locations within the islands will be substituted on that day. Anaconda III is one of the largest sailing vessels in the Whitsunday Islands so is the one most likely to be able to go out to the Great Barrier Reef in less than perfect weather conditons.

Will we go to Whitehaven Beach?
Anaconda III will visit Whitehaven Beach on every trip with ample time for you to hike to the lookout and spend some time on the pure white sands of Whitehaven Beach.

Can I bring my own alcohol on Anaconda III?
No, Anaconda III is fully licensed to sell alcohol and Australian law does not permit you to bring your own alcohol to licensed premises. Bar prices on Anaconda III are very reasonable.

Can I scuba dive on Anaconda III?
Yes, Anaconda III has onboard scuba diving and a dive instructor on every trip. Both introductory and certified divers are catered for with up to 6 dives per trip available. You can book this onboard the boat.

Can I snorkel on Anaconda III?
Yes snorkeling is free and snorkel gear is provided free of charge. Snorkeling and diving is conducted in the same locations. Coral needs sunlight to grow so you will see the colourful corals and friendly fish snorkeling as well as you would scuba diving.

Why do I have to wear a stinger suit?
We strongly recommend that you hire and wear the stinger suits that are available onboard ($22 for the trip duration). Tropical Australia is home to some venemous jellyfish which can cause a medical emergency if you are badly stung. While people do not get stung often someone does get stung every year so you would be wise to be wearing a stinger suit for protection.

When can we see Whales?
Humpback Whales are sighted between June and September every year as over 10,000 Humpback Whales migrate through the waters of the Whitsundays. Sightings are not guaranteed but it is likely you will see some whales during those months.

Do I need to book in advance?
Definately. Anaconda III is one of only three sailing trips that has the actual Great Barrier Reef on the itinerary. Because the boat offers private cabins, onboard diving and a day out on the actual Great Barrier Reef the boat books out well in advance of trips. You must book a month or more in advance if you want a private cabin. Last minute bookings often are not possible.

Is bottled water supplied?
Anaconda III has local tap water onboard which is not always to some peoples taste. If you prefer bottled water you should bring some with you.
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