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anaconda 3 whales whitsunday islands
Anaconda III Sailing Liveaboard
Whitsundays Humpback Whales
During the months of June - July - August - September the annual migration of the Humback Whales is underway. The Whitsunday Islands has approximately 10,000 Humpback Whales visit and pass through the islands with their newborn calves, juveniles, females and male Humpback Whales. The most acrobatic of all the Great Whales you will probably see some if sailing on Anaconda III at that time of the year. If they come to the boat give them a wave or they will lose interest and swim away. Waving attracts them and stimulates their natural curiosity. Boats are not allowed to approach the whales but often the whales will come and visit the boats.
whitsunday islands whales
Humpback Whales Whitsunday Islands
anaconda 3 whales whitsundays
anaconda 3 whales whitsunday islands
humpback whales whitsundays
humpack whales whitsundays anaconda 3
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