Just wanted to write and share what a wonderful time I had on the Anaconda III this week. Booking the trip was a bit of a long shot having only read about the yacht online, but it was worth it! Although the weather conditions disappointingly did not permit us to sail to the outer Great Barrier Reef, it was lovely to sail a few times during the day and relax on the boat/beaches. In addition, Logan was an excellent and fantastic dive instructor - I am a novice swimmer at best and he was informative, concise, and encouraging. For an individual who is a weak swimmer, diving for the first time was a positively memorable experience - apologies, as I do not have Logan's surname, but do pass along the compliments if you can.

All the best to you and your crew as you take others on exciting
sailing adventures!
Sharon Wong
Hong Kong
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Anaconda III Whitsundays Passengers Photos
Anaconda III Whitsunday Islands Queensland Australia. Photo by George MugfordAnaconda III Whitsundays and Great Barrier Reef Sailing Trip. Photo by George MugfordAnaconda III Whitsundays Queensland Australia. Photo by George MugfordStinger Suit and Fins Beach view. Photo by George MugfordGreat Barrier Reef from Anaconda III. Photo by George MugfordRelaxing in the shade on deck Anaconda III Whitsundays. Photo by George MugfordWhitsunday Islands Anaconda III trip. Photo by George MugfordPhoto by George MugfordAnaconda III Snorkeling and Scuba Diving. Photo by George MugfordSnorkeling on Anaconda III. Photo by George Mugford
Anaconda III Whitsunday Islands
Passenger Photos - People who have taken the trip
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We had a wicked trip guys! Thanx to all the crew...love us crazy scottish x
Mhairi Lindsay

I would like to say hi and thanks to the crew from Anaconda III. we have been guests from 26 - 29.7.07 and we enjoy this time so much! thank you Buster, Justin, Jono, Pat and Clem!
Anaconda III Review from Travel Forum
By George Mugford (photos below on this page)
I visited my 22 year old daughter in Brisbane in Sept. We flew up to the Whitsundays for a 3 day/3night sail on the Anaconda III. We were looking for a boat that we'd both feel comfortable on, I think. What a great trip.

There were 18 passengers, a skipper, cook, 3 crew members and a dive instructor. The crew members were in their 20's. Most of the crew had worked on the other boats in the area and seemed to prefer the Anaconda for the private cabins, the quality of food and no bugs. From what they said, this was the most family oriented of the boats taking passengers down to 12 years old - though I think our age range was about 20 - 50's.

It's also a large enough boat to get out to the GBR which we did. They're very accommodating with diving, snorkeling and about anything I can think of. My introductory dive was out on the GBR. I wouldn't consider the food gourmet, but it was certainly good and prepared at each meal. You can't bring alcohol aboard. Beer is 3.00AU per can, mixed cans are 5.00. You write down your own tally on the sheet and settle up at the end.

We made stops at Whitehaven and another beach or two for snorkeling. Diving was also a regular option for experienced and non-divers. We actually got underway the first night at about 8:00, so it was dark as we idled out of the marina. We did get under sail for several hours on two days. My daughter slept topside with the crew one night. During her study abroad semester, she has traveled quite a bit and rates this as the best trip so far. I'd do it again without hesitation.
Indiana USA
Anaconda III George Mugford and Daughter
Many Thanks to George Mugford and his daughter for sharing their photos. Thanks Guys
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One of Anaconda III dive and snorkel locations. Blue Pearl BayAnaconda III Whitsunday Islands and Great Barrier Reef Sail and Dive tripRelaxing on deck while under sail on Anaconda III WhitsundaysSocialising in the Saloon on Anaconda IIISpectacular Whitsunday Islands Sunset on Anaconda IIIHeading off to snorkel from Anaconda IIIAnaconda III tenderYet another fabulous beach location on the Anaconda III trip, hike to the lookout for great viewsTime to exploreWhitsunday Islands Anaconda III Sailing Trip
Anaconda III Spacious Deck AreaStern of Anaconda III Able Point MarinaAnaconda III Able Point Marina Airlie BeachAnaconda III at berth at Able Point MarinaAnaconda III Fully Licensed Bar no byo pleaseAnaconda III fittingsAnaconda III Main Area 2nd DeckAnaconda III main stairwellAnaconda III Main Stairwell from the Top Deck to the Main AreaAnaconda III Saloon and Bar areaAnaconda III BridgeAnaconda III BridgeAnaconda III BridgeAnaconda III at Luncheon BayAnaconda III at Luncheon BayAnaconda III at Luncheon BayAnaconda III at Luncheon BayStern of Anaconda IIIBow of Anaconda IIIAnaconda III under sail
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Queensland University Anaconda III Private Charter
Scott Bryan and his fellow researchers chartered Anaconda III for a geological expedition to the Whitsunday Islands and also some recreational time sailing and diving on the Great Barrier Reef. Scott was kind enough to share his photos of the private charter and their time on Anaconda III.
Ciska and Franz Van Geer 35th Wedding Anniversary
Ciska and Franz Van Geer from the Netherlands treated themselves to a cruise on Anaconda III to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary and have kindly consented to share their trip photos for you to see. Congratulations to them for a long and happy marriage together.
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Just to leave you a feedback about Anaconda iii, it was really amazing !! All the crew was very good and the accommodation and food were nice.
I'll recommend it to my italian friends.
Now I hope the same for Fraser Island
thanks so much
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