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Anaconda III Whitsundays Itinerary
anaconda 3 itinerary
Anaconda III is one of a handful of Whitsunday Sailing Yachts that takes you to the Whitsunday Islands as well as the Great Barrier Reef.  The Great Barrier Reef is some 60 kilometres out to sea from the Whitsundays and the vast majority of sailing boats in the Whitsundays do not go out to the actual Great Barrier Reef.  Of course the day spent out on the reef is subject to weather conditions but usually each trip is able to make it out to the reef on one of the three days sailing.

Like all Whitsundays Sailing Trips there is no set itinerary.  The difference between high and low tide can be very large which means that between tides water can be rushing in or out through the islands creating dangerous conditions in some locations.

Some areas such as Whitehaven Beach can completely drain of water at low tide.  Fortunately there are so many good locations within the islands your skipper will be able to choose safe destinations on any given day and at any given time but a definate itinerary cannot be honestly given by anybody because the choice of destinations must be made with consideration to passenger safety at all times.

Whitehaven Beach is always visited on every trip and you will have a good amount of time to bushwalk, explore the beach, sunbake and take in the magnificent pure white sand of this world famous Beach.

Anaconda III offers onboard scuba diving for both certified and introductory divers.  You can purchase a dive package or just try one introductory dive if you are a novice.  Everyone can snorkel for free and snorkel gear is supplied free.

As you can see by the photos fish feeding is one of the highlights of the sailing trip on Anaconda III.  There are various locations where the fish are very tame and will swarm to take food out of your hand even going so far as to completely put their head out of the water in order to take the food.

You are able to be in amongst the fish feeding them, this is a wonderful experience.

Other locations such as Nara Inlet on Hook Island, Blue Pearl Bay on Hayman Island, Manta Ray Bay are likely to be visited also on a typical trip.

Your skipper will choose the best day to go out to Bait Reef which is our location for diving and snorkling on the Great Barrier Reef.  Bait Reef offers fantastic coral and marine life and is one of the most favoured reefs for your Anaconda III vacation.

The crew is laid back but fully focused on making your vacation on Anaconda III a memorable experience.  You can participate in the sailing of our mega yacht or just take it easy and watch the activity from your spot on the sundeck.

You have the choice of bushwalking, scuba diving, snorkeling, swimming and of an evening there can be the odd game of Twister to break the ice and make some friends.

Anaconda III is fully licensed for alcohol so no BYO please.

Meals are included in the price of the trip.  There is a good variety of pasta, salads, tropical fruits.  Vegetarians can be catered for with advance notice and it is important that if you have any allergies to seafood that you advise us when booking your Anaconda III vacation. Book below with Oz Magic.
Anaconda III Whitsunday Islands
Itinerary - Locations - The Trip
anaconda 3 whitsunday islands
Anaconda III Whitsunday Islands
Langford Reef
great barrier reef liveaboard whitsundays
anaconda iii sailing and diving
Anaconda III Whitsundays Sailing
Hill Inlet Whitehaven Beach
anaconda 3 whitsunday islands
Anaconda III Whitsundays Liveaboard
Island Location
Whitsundays Liveaboard
Anaconda III Whitsundays Liveaboard
Luncheon Bay
whitsunday islands liveaboard
Anaconda III Sailing Trip
Betty's Beach
great barrier reef liveaboard airlie beach
Anaconda III Sailing Trips
Whitehaven Beach
anaconda 3 queensland australia
Anaconda III Liveaboard
Departing Airlie Beach Queensland
anaconda 3 airlie beach
Anaconda III Sailing Trip
Queensland Australia
Whitsundays Sailing Trip Queensland Australia
Anaconda III Sailing Trip
Hill Inlet
Whitehaven Beach Whitsundays
Anaconda III Sailing Trip
Whitehaven Beach
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